Who are we? 

This privacy policy statement sets out the data processing practices carried out through your use of this web site by Hamilton Stonemasons.  

T: 07806754237  

E: james@hamiltonstonemasons.co.uk  

If you have any requests concerning your personal informa5on or any queries with regard to these  prac5ces, please contact us.  


This privacy policy only covers Hamilton Stonemasons website hLp:// 


Informa2on collected 

We collect personal informa5on from visitors to this website through the use of enquiry forms and every 5me you e-mail us your details. Other than this, we do not store or capture personal  informa5on but simply log your IP address (this is the technical standard which ensures messages get from one host to another and that the messages are understood) which is automa5cally recognised by the web server.  

Use of personal information 

We process personal informaton collected via this website for the purposes of: –  Iden5fying poten5al customers.  

  • Dealing with your requests and enquiries.  
  • Providing you with informa5on about products and services offered by Hamilton  Stonemasons  

We do not sell personal informa5on collected through this site or use your personal informa5on for any other purposes than those stated above.  


Cookies may be used by us to provide you with customised informa5on from our website.  

We use cookies so that we can give you a better experience when you return to our web site. Most web browsers automa5cally accept cookies. You do not have to accept cookies, and you should read the informa5on that came with your browser so[ware to see how you can set up your browser to  notfy you when you receive a cookie, this will give you the opportunity to decide whether to accept it. If you disable cookies from your browser you may not be able to access certain features of a  par5cular web site.  

For more informa5on about our use of cookies please hLps://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/online/ cookies/ 


We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal informa5on. All the data collected by us is stored on a secure server. The secure server so[ware encrypts all informa5on you input before it is sent to us. 

How we manage Special Category Data 

In the unlikely event of us receiving Special Category Data as defined in GDPR hLps://ico.org.uk/for organisa5ons/guide-to-the-general-data-protec5on-regula5on-gdpr/lawful-basis-for-processing/ special-category-data/ Conservatories direct (Midlands) Ltd will inform you of the receipt of this  informa5on to discuss the dele5on of this data.  


Hamilton Stonemasons will not disclose personal informa5on to other companies and suppliers as we do not use third parges to process your data.  

Internet-based Transfers 

Given that the Internet is a global environment, using the Internet to collect and process personal  data necessarily involves the transmission of data on an interna5onal basis. Therefore, by browsing  this website and communica5ng electronically with us you acknowledge and agree to our processing of personal data in this way.  

Personal Data and your rights 

If we collect any personal data from you, you have the right to receive/amend/delete informa5on  about the personal data we hold about you.  

If at any 5me you no longer wish to receive any of our e-bulle5ns, newsletters or other informa5on  for which you have subscribed our partner retailer process, then please contact us so that we can remove your relevant details.  

Changes to this Privacy Policy 

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from 5me to 5me. You should check this page regularly to see our most up to date policy. We will tell you about any changes to this Privacy policy by showing the date of the changes in the ‘Last updated’ sec5on below. By using the website afer the date we make any changes, you are agreeing to the changes. 

Cookies are generally used to store temporary data that personalises your experience on our website and allows our website and third-party systems to remember who you are and monitor your activity on our website.

All cookies have an expiry date.

Additional cookies (not mentioned below), may be added to the website over time by our developers or when we install additional third-party software or add new functionality to the website.

All attempt will be made to keep this list up to date.


Server created cookies:

PHPSESSID – this cookie is automatically created when you visit our website, our server uses this to identify your session on our website which is generally used for temporary data storage


Cookies used by our web developers during the creation of our website may include but are not limited to:

cookieconsent_status – this cookie records whether or not you have accepted our use of cookies notice (so we do not show you the agreement bar multiple times)


Cookies created by our content management platform Wordpress may include but are not limited to:

wordpress_[hash] – stores authentication security when you log in to specific areas of our website

wordpress_logged_in_[hash] – indicates to our website that you have logged in

wp-settings-[hash] – stores information about how you may have customised the websites interface

wp-settings-time-[hash] – stores information about how you may have customised the websites interface and when

comment_author_[hash] – stores details submitted when creating a comment so forms can be prefilled etc

comment_author_email_[hash] – stores details submitted when creating a comment so forms can be prefilled etc

comment_author_url_[hash] – stores details submitted when creating a comment so forms can be prefilled etc


Third party cookies, we have no control over these cookies as they are created by third parties:

FONT-AWESOME – creates cookies when you visit our website. Font Awesome provides a list of fast-loading icons used throughout our websites interface.

DOUBLE CLICK – creates cookies when you visit our website. We use Double Click to trigger targeted advertising on third-party websites (re-marketing).

JQUERY – creates cookies when you visit our website. Jquery provides core functionality to our website for navigation, menus, form validation etc.

GOOGLE – creates cookies when you visit our website. We use Google Analytics for visitor tracking and website traffic monitoring, Google Maps to embed interactive maps within our pages and Google Recaptcha to add form security from spambots.