Bespoke Fireplaces

Client Lounge Fireplace

Stone Type:  White Hollington / Mandale limestone

Style:  Gothic Revival

Client Brief:  Our couple both have a love of Pugins work and were interested in the fireplace been made in the gothic revival style.  They wanted a local stone for the newly renovated old victorian school house.  One half of the couple wanted a heavily carved fireplace with lots of detail and the other was unsure and did not want it to be over the top.

James designed a range of drawings based around a heavily carved fireplace with structure and carved designs that can create a focal point in a large room.

Once the design was chosen that they both loved we set to work on had carving this very unique and individual fireplace.


It is quite a difficult design as it is to go in the corner of a large room, it is required to be a focal point within the room, and the furniture is modern/contemporary style.

The fireplace size was dictated by the corner splayed wall.  The starting point of design was the columns with carved caps and bases.  We chose to use a polished limestone to create an authentic gothic style and a contrast to set of the white hollington stone.  From there we created surfaces in which carved detail could be used to complement the structure created by the columns.  The tiles for the hearth are two sheds of mandale limestone to give the fireplace an original gothic revival look.  The geometrical shapes of the tiles were used not only to give it the gothic look but also to tie in with the modern interior of their home.

We feel that the finish result is something that Pugin himself would be proud of.  Our client is very proud of their fireplace and it looks like it has always been there.